Two sides of Florida food

At Jerry’s Famous Deli in South Beach, this is what we got when we ordered appetizers. We had plenty of onion rings, but only eight wings and four Tex-Mex eggrolls. Oh, and when we asked how many wings were in the order, the waiter had the temerity to tell us it used to be 10 — but its only eight now. Greeaaat.

And this is how much it all cost. The food was fine, but when its that expensive, my taste for it dulls a little.

Oh, but then there’s Versailles.

I ordered the Cuban Classic Sampler. It cost just $11.95 (I think), and came with all sorts of stuff that I don’t exactly recall off the top of my head — but my tongue sure remembers. YUM.

That’s all I was able to eat, especially since I was also eating plantains off Trinity’s plate and lechon off my friend Belinda’s plate.

See? We’re happy campers. You didn’t see us posing in front of freakin’ Jerry’s Famous Deli.