Twilight zone?*

This is weird, dude.

Last week, I told you about how I went to elementary school with the suspect of the Rowland Heights triple murder, right?

Well, last night, I recognized the name of a guy shot to death in Diamond Bar — Greg Eversole. Considering the proximity of Diamond Bar to Hacienda Heights (where I went to high school) and his age — 29, like myself — it is altogether possible and likely, that he’s the same guy I knew from kindergarten through high school.


*According to a commenter, Kelly Craig (whom I also remember), the Greg Eversole killed in Diamond Bar is the very same guy I went to high school with. Condolences to the Eversole family (I believe he has an older sister, at least). And the latest on the shooting is that ABC 7 is reporting Greg’s murder may be linked to a Las Vegas suicide.

And by the way, if anyone has either a yearbook picture of Greg or a recent one they can send to me, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Twilight zone?*

  1. Hi Darleene,

    My name is Kelly Craig, i also went to Los Altos Elementry and Newton Jr. High. I just wanted to let you know that yes, this is the same Greg Eversole.

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