Memorial for Greg Eversole*

Found this bulletin on Myspace this morning from John Stupin:

Subject: ?!?!?What the hell?!?!?
Body: I still can’t believe the guy I was best friends with since before 1st grade is dead! R*I*P Greg.

In Loving Memory of Gregory Edward Eversole

Please join us to celebrate Greg’s life

The Orange Circle, Chapman Ave. and Glassell Avenue, Orange CA 92868

Wednesday August 22nd from 6pm till ???

Lets Celebrate the way Greg would want us to!

Bring :


Good attitudes.

A willingness to share great memories and stories of Greg.

My fondest memory of Greg is his affinity for my mom’s garlic peanuts. He loved them! I mean, shoot, I like them too, but he not only liked the peanuts, he liked the garlic, too. I though that made him so weird. But then again, I realize now I was a little weird when I was a kid, too.

I am still looking for my old yearbooks (and unfortunately, I never bought my senior yearbook) so I can include an old picture of him here. I’m sort of hoping my station will do a follow up on Greg so I can get his DMV photo. But if any of you searching for Greg have any old photos you’d like to share, please send them along to darleene (at) and I’ll post them here.

*I just saw that Greg is the top story at Wow, I would have recognized him anywhere.

It’s weird to think that the people that I went to school with are now dying and in the news like strangers I have no clue about. My coworkers are also getting a little freaked out, wondering who from my past is going to hit the news next. But I guess that’s what happens when you cover the place where you grew up.

7 thoughts on “Memorial for Greg Eversole*

  1. That is super sad and greg was an old friend of mine. He trained me at a mortgage company years ago and was so good spirited and was always so cool. This hits home and I send prayers and love to his family. RIP greg

  2. Greg was a great friend to many and will be missed dearly. RIP brotha!

    p.s. the orange circle memorial is cancelled for an official one in whittier wednesday and thursday. contact his family for info.

  3. Joey Ladbury

    So i was acually googled Greg on my comp. I worked with Greg about 3 yrs in the past in the mortgage industry. I came across this site and a few others. Im verry shocked and sad having learned all this has happend to him. He was a great guy and we were also friends outside of our work place. We used to carpool evry friday to work together. I do remember also meeting his sister and his mom. (both great people) The only regret I have is losing touch with him and not being able to find him until now. Rest in peace Greg. I will always remember the fun times we had working and hanging out. My thought are with you!

  4. Lori

    I randomly googled a dear friend I had more than 16 years ago and discovered a horrible death. I met Greg when he traveled randomly to Scottsdale, AZ back in 1993. He and I spent one night just hanging out and we became great friends who always kept in touch, mostly on my end for whatever reason, but always with great conversations and always happy memories. I had always wondered what had become of the guy who taught me to appreciate Led Zepplin and always had a new song for me to ‘try out’. He also taught me about Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry’. I’m glad to have those special small memories of him and am terribly sorry to his family for this terrible loss. I haven’t read one bad thing about him and am happy to see he grew up to be a great guy with many friends and memories. I can’t remember anything but a fondness for him and his stories. I don’t know if anyone still reads this website, but I do hope my condolences are reached somewhere by someone. I am shocked and so very sorry for everyone in his life’s loss.

  5. Alex Newman

    Hey Greg,

    I’ve came a long way from where I began, still have a longer way to go. You taught me what I know and that gift is everlasting. I’m sure you have done the same for plenty of others. I wanted to say thanks because I never got a chance to say it before. YOU ARE THE MAN! “Big Dog” (that was the word then.) but for real thanks. You are one of a kind (R.I.P)


    Alex Newman

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