My first impression of Miami (technically, Fort Lauderdale) is the wall of heated, moisture-heavy air that hit me as soon as I walked off the plane. Man. I apparently came here during the wrong time of year, since today is the first day there hasn’t been a full-on downpour since we got here Tuesday. Condensation forms at the drop of a hat here — even Trinity’s glasses. My sunglasses too, but I couldn’t take a picture of my own sunglasses.

Right after a red-eye flight that arrived (late) at 7:30-ish (and I will explain about debacle with our flight later), Trin and I really couldn’t go right back to sleep, so our hostess Belinda took us to Chick-fil-A for breakfast, where we saw the downpour pictured below.

Belinda thought it was a crack up that I was taking pictures of rain, but I had to explain to her – dude! we barely had any rain in LA this year! This is freaky, this wet stuff dropping out of the sky in buckets.

Trinity and I also went out to dinner at a restaurant called Mango’s on Las Olas in downtown Fort Lauderdale to celebrate our third anniversary of being married. It was a lovely evening.

3 thoughts on “Mee-am-ee

  1. Congratulations on your 3-year! I’m actually in the mood for a little SoCal rain…not toooo much. But just enough!

    ~ Elana

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