In the garden

My station has a weekly feature that is anchored by Ann Martin, called “In The Garden.” This week, I’m going to show off my garden. Well, its not really my garden. It’s the garden I take care of.

However, I can’t really introduce my garden without knowing what everything is. That’s why I’m in need of some help. Does anyone know what this plant is?

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what kind of plant this is since I moved in.

The roots are flaky, kind of like an onion, and when I pull off the wilted leaves, I get an onion-y smell. With a quick Google search, it appears it resembles the Ornithogalum caudatum or the false sea onion. What do you think?

I did figure out what plant this above one is. It’s a canna lily.

For the most part, my maintenance of these plants consists of watering them twice a week, trimming dead blossoms and clearing the dead stalks in the winter. When the bougainvillea begins to bloom, I’ll take a picture of it, too.