Blogger panel loses its blogger

Well, that’s not necessarily true. The panel I’ve been coordinating has myself, recruiter Joe Grimm, and reporters Shruti Mathur and Katie Nelson — and we all have blogs. But Josh Wolf sent me an email last night with his regrets that he couldn’t afford to fly out, plus he is busy with his mayoral campaign. D’oh!

OK, so help me out here. Locally, I would have asked Kevin Roderick or Sean Bonner. Nationally? I would have exhorted Michelle Malkin or Jen Chung. In Miami — I have no idea. It seems (to me, at least) that most of the dedicated bloggers that I’ve heard of have congregated around Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC. Miami? Fort Lauderdale? I have no idea.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can replace Josh on the panel? Or should I just suck it up and fly with the four (including myself) that I have?

One thought on “Blogger panel loses its blogger

  1. I was about to offended I was invited to a panel, then I realized this was about people who have “succeeded” as “professional” bloggers…

    As for ideas:
    Amy Alkon
    Luke Ford
    Tony Pierce
    anyone from Gawker (ie Ben Popken of the Consumerist)

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