Congratulations graduates!

It’s been graduation season since May (when colleges begin walking their people) and I’ve been thanking God every day since that I’m no longer an education reporter. Heheh. Not that I didn’t meet any interesting, inspiring kids while I did cover commencement ceremonies — I did. I am just glad to not be saddled with the responsibility of organizing that coverage anymore. I don’t know how it is at other small newspapers, but at my old small newspaper, being the education reporter meant I organized my own graduation coverage — every high school and college commencement had to be covered, and make sure there is a photographer assigned, and make sure you get there early to interview folks beforehand, so that you don’t get stuck waiting to the very end (what a nightmare for big schools!), waiting to interview people who are rushing off to dinner or grad night. Graduation at the GNP was also especially hellacious because I had to make sure that we had each list of graduating students from each school for a special graduation section. Whew.

You know, writing about it here, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but dude — thank God I was organized, because that was a big deal.

Anyway, I also wanted to say congratulations to Sean Roderick, who got a shout out on what is arguably LA’s most-well read blog. Coincidentally, I would hate to be the reporter doing the write-up on her graduation — the pressure! *wink*