Cat Lady’s 10 obscure facts


So Ed Padgett tagged me in this Drama Mama meme, and seeing as how I was also tagged by another old friend back in March about four things you don’t know about me (an email thing, not a meme), here goes.

  1. Since Ed called me the Cat Lady, I’ll start with my cats. My first was a Siamese kitten, but s/he tangled him/herself in the wires behind my mom’s full-size freezer and died. The cats I had major responsibility for were named Casper, Pepsi, Nike, Simba, now Kip. Other cats in my life include Harout (Harry), Pogi and Mary Jane.
  2. With the exception of 10 weeks in Phoenix, I have lived my entire life in the Southern California area — Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles (Temple Street, Glendale Avenue), La Puente, Santa Monica, Los Angeles (Monterey Hills) and now Agoura Hills.
  3. I have perfectly straight teeth, thanks to my dad, who was a dentist. He also used me as an advertisement in a church memorial book, for which I was mercilessly teased when I got into my teens.
  4. I taught myself how to drape and decorate tables, weddings and parties. I believe the first time I ever saw draping was on the same day of the huge blackout in August of 1996, which I remember because we had to drive from Beverly Hills to the freeway with no stoplights. Can you imagine? So that means I’ve been decorating weddings for more than 10 years. Wow.
  5. I have a second bachelor’s degree in Asian American Studies, which was a total accident. See, what had happened was…I loved sociology classes but was told to either major, or stop taking the classes. On the cusp of graduating, I was told I needed 20 more credits, and with all the sociology and Asian American studies classes I’d taken, those 20 credits could bring me to a second degree. So there you go.
  6. I dislike wearing shoes. I go barefoot or wear flip flops whenever I can get away with it (Saturday night shifts rock). My feet also tend to determine whether I’m at a comfortable temperature, and I’ll often declare out of the blue, “I’m going to go wash my feet,” not because they’re dirty, but because I’m feeling hot. TMI, I know.
  7. As much as I have my life online, and have dated quite a few men I met online, I happened to meet my husband in the physical realm, at the Cal State Fullerton Daily Titan, when I was news editor and he was a freelance reporter. Hee.
  8. I understand Tagalog, but I can’t speak it very well, unless I’m trying to make folks laugh. However, I do the Filipino accent very well.
  9. I don’t do texting. I am already online more than 8 hours a day (except Sundays and Mondays) and on IM every minute of that time. How connected do I need to be????
  10. I love to watch movies over and over and over again. It drives Trinity crazy.

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  1. Haha, Darleeeen
    My spider caught your blog in its web. Saw yer listing AAJA. jyahahaha.
    My grandpa was a founding member of AAJA.

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