Survey time!

But its not for my site. No, no. I know better than to think that my little personal blog is worthy of a survey. Half of my “readers” are my friends, former co-workers and folks who have read me since the late 90s (Hi Karl!).

No, this survey is for my work. Because I realize that not everyone who reads my site is a reader of, I would like to know more about where, why and how you get your online news. So if you love me, you’ll take this survey. If you could care less, then no harm, no foul. I am simply curious as to whether there’s anything I can do to help myself at work.

There are three options to the survey. You can use this link to a small popup window; You can use this link to a bigger popup window; or you can link to an entirely new window using this link.

Happy surveying and thanks for playing!

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