Mythical Bighorn sheep spotted

I first heard of the Bighorn Sheep when I interviewed at the Desert Sun about two years ago (man, time flies!). I had noticed a statue of one in their lobby and heard that its apparently a fact that Bighorn Sheep live in the area, but you’d be hard pressed to actually find someone who saw one in person. Well, it turns out not only did I know someone who saw one in person, I know someone quick with a camera who saw not one, not two, not even three!, but FOUR.

The Bighorn sheep is apparently so rare that there is a foundation dedicated to their future, and a Department of Fish and Game form to report sightings. I would report this sighting, but, ah, I didn’t sight them. So I better tell my buddy.

According to Desert USA, Bighorn sheep weigh between 115 and 280 pounds, live between 10 to 15 years, and are known for their male-to-male combat which can last as long as 24 hours.

They apparently have acute eyesight and can watch other animals as far as a mile away. So, uh, yeah, dude, when you thought they were watching you? They were.