Armed with a newer, better camera

Oh, no, its no longer my birthday!

Ah well. My birthday was actually pretty awesome — like I mentioned in my audioblog, Trinity gave me a brand new digital camera — woohoo! He really likes to foster the geek in me, he does.

The new camera is a Canon PowerShot A570IS. My old camera is a Sony CyberShot from 2002. The differences? Let me show you…

The above picture is an unedited shot of Kip from last week. See how its a little fuzzy and not too bright?

This is the same picture, except with a little bit of Auto Levels and Curves help from Photoshop. Perhaps its my fault and I don’t know how to set or take photos correctly with the Cybershot, but before you pass judgment, let me show you pictures from my new Canon…

This is Kip from this morning with no zoom, no Photoshop or anything — well, except for changing the size, but I have to do that with all my photos. C’mon. Without any editing, the shot is still very true to color.

Here is another picture — next to a window, so there’s a lot of light, plus, I’m zooming in on Kip. Yet the picture works!

Yep. Watch out, world — I’ve got me a new, snazzy camera! However, I’m not getting rid of my old camera just yet. Until I find some worthy college student to bequeath it to, I’m going to continue keeping it on me, the way I’ve been doing last couple of months — its excellent for simply keeping in my purse for, I don’t know, breaking news or bouts of nosiness, whatever. It’s kind of beat up, a little big, and not that great, but it really gets the job done. Plus, I’ve taken some pretty awesome pictures with it in the past, and that ain’t nothing to sneeze at.