Another reason why public transportation is better than driving*

This story greeted me as I logged in for work today:

A city of Los Angeles parking enforcement officer learned the hard way to always check the rear-view mirror before opening the driver’s door while parked on a busy street.

Witnesses say a city officer opened his car door on Westwood Boulevard near the Westside Pavilion Saturday afternoon as a Santa Monica Big Blue Bus drove up from behind. The car’s door wedged up into the bus’ right steering wheel well.

The bus crunched to a sudden stop and none of the passengers bound for Santa Monica from Westwood were injured. The parking ticket officer wasn’t hurt either, a witness said.

So awesome.

*It occurred to me later that parking enforcement officers really get the short end of the stick — not only did the guy today have his car door taken off, but last year, a parking ticket caused one guy to get all fired up about a Christmas tree.

Photo thanks to Otis Admissions

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