Already suffering Heroes withdrawal

The last couple of weeks on Heroes, I’ve been seeing glimpses of this sculpture, where the showdown ultimately happens, and I’ve been thinking — “dammit! I know that sculpture! It’s in downtown LA!”

Turns out, I was right — it’s on Figueroa, right across from the Central Library. Read a little bit more about the sculpture at Public Art in LA.

Now, if you keep reading and you haven’t yet watched the show yet, you better stop reading here because I’m about to spoil it for you.

There are so many things I loved about the show. I cheered loudly when Hiro confronted Sylar, as Sylar was starting to kill Ando, and Hiro speedily teleported to Ando’s side, and both of them out of there. I loved the weird dream Peter had when he passed out, and Simone’s father bringing that flashback to him (I think Simone’s father had the same ability of that kid Suresh encountered in India — the ability to enter someone’s dreams.) I loved finally getting HRG’s name — Noah! I loved the interaction between Molly and Micah — so cute! “The elevator won’t work,” Molly says. “Oh, yes, it will,” Micah says decisively. And of course, it worked! And the last scene? It was not so much an epic battle between Sylar and Peter, as I thought it would be, but more of a teamwork kind of thing – it was perfect. Peter fought Sylar, Niki came to help, Parkman tried to shoot at him (but Sylar ended up turning the bullets back at him) and then Hiro finally comes in and sticks Sylar, with a cold, calm, “Yatta.” “I did it.”


But there are so many unanswered questions too. Who is the man worse than the bogeyman that Molly can’t even think of him, unless he sees her? Will Noah Bennett and Claire (the cheerleader) be able to return to their family — is the family still alive? What happened to Nathan after he flew Peter up and away from the city? Why did this showdown happen at night, when all the visions of the future Isaac and everyone else experienced showed it happening in the daytime? And did Momma Petrelli have a power or not?! Plus, why does that ancient Japanese guy look so much like Hiro’s dad, played by George Takei?

Ugh. I think I may need rehab.

By the way, Trinity thought the sculpture chosen for this Heroes episode was terribly appropriate. The name of the sculpture is Double Ascension, and Trin believes the producers chose it on purpose — two brothers ascended, plus the sculpture itself looks a bit like a DNA helix. What do you think?

Photo thanks to Auberon