Vacating the premises

Man! It was like Christmas at the Columbia Square parking lot yesterday. No fighting! No waiting! Plenty of non-bird zone spaces available for the taking at 3 p.m.

A lot of other people have already moved to the new Radford Lot station. All our tape libraries are empty and boxed up, plus desks are actually clean! The web department, by the way, will be moving this weekend, so this is literally going to be my last week at Columbia Square.

I’m kinda going to miss the place – it has so much character and any place that has ghost stories associated with it has got to be cool. In fact, Bob Crane is said to haunt our humble little web loft. I’ve never heard or seen the dude, but that’s kind of cool. Plus I’ll miss being in the middle of Hollywood. Can’t walk around at night, but seeing it from the roof is still awesome.

I’ll try to blog a little more later this week about the move. Gotta go to work!