It’s the little things

Moving always means you’re going to find scores of little things you once put away for a reason, but can no longer remember what that reason was. For a station that goes all the way back to 1938, you can probably triple that sentiment.

I was wandering around the station earlier, testing a new digital camera, when I came across these plastic CBS 2 visors. Anyone want one? They may be collector’s items down the line. Ahem. But then again, they may have gotten tossed already.

Of all the things set aside that I’ve seen in the midst of this moving, this was probably the most interesting – about six pallets of magnetic tape on the fifth floor, where our HR offices are. What are they of? I’m not sure.

But I just had to get a peek. This one, I believe, was labeled Dinah and had a date on it – 1973. They were super heavy too. It’s so amazing that we’ve gone from these heavy rolls of magnetic tape to beta to digital tape to pretty much no tape at all.

The end is nearing, though, at least for the Web team, so Friday will probably be the last day for me to get any pictures of Columbia Square. If you want to know more about it, Seeing Stars has slightly better (not better spelled) and more interesting information than Wikipedia.