Inspired by and for TV?

I haven’t been following the Long Beach Attacks as maybe I should, but let’s face it – I don’t live in the area, I don’t know any of them personally and I’ve been busy. So sue me. That’s the privilege of simply blogging the news.

So today’s news about the Long Beach was that a) the two remaining boys charged were offered a plea deal and b) the families of the 10 kids convicted of beating the three white women are expected to file a claim against the city of Long Beach for civil rights violations, via both the LAT and PT. What civil rights violations, you ask?

In a statement released Monday, his group alleged that the youths, while in custody, “were injected with an unknown substance and blood was drawn without notification or parental consent.”

Will the drama never stop? Whoever heard of anyone ever being injected with anything (save for medical reasons, like needing insulin) while being arrested? And blood being drawn without notification or parental consent? I find it hard to believe, in such a politically charged case that has drawn such scrutiny, that the city of Long Beach would even dare. I mean, bureaucracy can sometimes break down into stupid, but I highly doubt it. I think these kids have been so enamored with Heroes that they may have projected it into their own predicament.

Hey, I think I stumbled on to something here. Humor me: Remember when I said before that this whole deal feels eerily similar to a CSI episode called “Fannysmacking,” in which a mob of Las Vegas teens roam around, beating on tourists? OK, well, a storyline in Heroes is that The Company is literally bags and tags the heroes they can get their hands on by injecting them with a radioactive isotope, which is evidenced by two, small parallel lines on the neck.

I think we know who the real culprit is here, people. TV. Hollywood. Throw the book at ’em!

By the way, I love it that they’ve nicknamed themselves. The Long Beach 10? I’m surprised that none of the TV news stations thought that one up. But then again, they’ve been treating this story with kid gloves, so I guess its no wonder.

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  1. These beatings took place 3 blocks from my home. The 10 had been at a “haunted house” put on by my accountant’s children immediately before the attacks. I grieve over what has happened, and continue to pray. What else is there to do.

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