Anyone know a barber who can do black hair?

OK, OK, OK. Trinity does not really look like this, but for some reason, when we were constructing our South Park selves, that’s how he made himself look. Actually, come to think of it, this is sort of where he’s going, considering he needs a haircut right now This is how he really looks – most of the time.

Anyway, Trinity had to face a difficult reality when he began working at the Ventura County Star – that he was maybe one of two black men in the building. At his old paper, he was still in his hometown and was able to keep going to the barber he had been going to for years. But now, having worked in Ventura and now Camarillo, he’s at a loss when it comes to his hair-cutting needs. The past few months, he’s been going to a place called Just In Time in Pasadena (since our church is in Azusa, its sorta on the way home). He asked the other black guy at work where he gets his hair cut, and the guy said Westchester. Crikey.

Trinity needs to find a place in the Valley that can cut African American hair. We don’t hold much hope for Agoura Hills, Westlake Village or Calabasas, but someone’s gotta know someone between Camarillo and, say, Van Nuys.

So here is my plea. Does anyone know of a barber who can cut black hair? (That’s not in Westchester.) Please, please, please leave me a comment. Trinity’s ‘fro will thank you for it.

3 thoughts on “Anyone know a barber who can do black hair?

  1. Darleene,

    I asked one of my crew members about this and he happened to have a card handy.

    Love Thyself Salon
    7527 Reseda Blvd.
    Reseda, CA. 91335

    Barber Big John Patton

    This is a beauty salon and a barber shop combined.

    Hope this works for Trinity?

  2. Thanks for the tip! I mentioned it to Trinity, but he’s so picky – he thinks if he’s going to drive all the way to Reseda, he might as well drive the next 15 miles to Pasadena. What a dork.

  3. Darleene,

    I have another online buddy in Oxnard, and he will supply a barber in that area if need be?

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