Roiling interracial relationships

Hey Asian Week? Thanks for letting us know that we Asians are justified in hating blacks. I mean, wow, I had a feeling that they hated us, but man, you really spelled it out.

I actually couldn’t continue, because its so alien to how I really think. Heh.

So, if you hadn’t heard, Asian Week published a column by a genius named Kenneth Eng, who listed three illuminating points about why we should hate blacks. Asian Week has taken the column offline, but I found the text of it thanks to a commenter on Hyphen Magazine’s blog:

“Why I Hate Blacks”
(taken from Asian Week February 23 – March 1, 2007 , Volume 27 No. 27 page 6)
by Kenneth Eng

Here is a list of reasons why we should discriminate against blacks, starting from the most obvious down to the least obvious.

* Blacks hate us. Every Asian who has ever come across them knows that they take almost every opportunity to hurl racist remarks at us. In my experience, I would say about 90 percent of blacks I have met, regardless of age or environment, poke fun at the very sight of an Asian. Furthermore, their activity in the media proves their hatred: Rush Hour, Exit Wounds, Hot 97, etc.
* Contrary to media depictions, I would argue that blacks are weak-willed. They are the only race that has been enslaved for 300 years. It’s unbelievable that it took them that long to fight back. On the other hand, we slaughtered the Russians in the Japanese-Russo War.
* Blacks are easy to coerce. This is proven by the fact that so many of them, including Reverend Al Sharpton, tend to be Christians. Yet, at the same time, they spend much of their time whining about how much they hate “the whites that oppressed them.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Christianity the religion that the whites forced upon them?

Blacks don’t get it. I know it’s a blunt and crass comment, but it’s true. When I was in high school, I recall a class debate in which one half of the class was chosen to defend black slavery and the other half was chosen to defend liberation. Disturbingly, blacks on the prior side viciously defended slavery as well as Christianity. they say if you don’t study history, you’re condemned to repeat it. In high school, I only remember one black student ever attending any of my honors and AP courses. And that student was caught cheating.

It is rather troubling that they are treated as heroes, but then again, whites will do anything to defend them.

The points in the article are very faulty for obvious reasons, but that’s not the point. The point that I got from the whole article is that he’s been listening to his grandmother/mother/Asian friends too intently. Because you know what? I’ve seen people of every size, shape, color, religion discriminate or are biased against others. Hell, there are people who discriminate against people who belong to their own category. I’ve seen it firsthand in my own family/church/school perpetrated against me, my husband, my mom, etc.

The faultiness of such prejudice lies in grouping millions into one category and labeling them as such: Jews are cheap. Mexicans are lazy. Asians are smart. Whites are snooty. Christians/Muslims are fanatics. I’ve heard all of Eng’s assumptions in various forms throughout high school, but obviously I can become friends with others different from myself, plus I can think for myself.

The article has of course drawn vehement criticism and backlash. There are statements from AAJA, several various activists, an apology from the paper’s editor, and all sorts of excellent coverage by Hyphen Magazine.

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  1. well another myth was blown away,
    all asians ARE NOT SMART…
    of course, we know no group is smarter than any other, but this idiots ranting wasn’t the paper it’s printed on and so incoherent it’s not worth a response.

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