Plundered by office food raiders?


I was trying to describe this video to Trinity earlier today – it’s so great! It actually reminds me a lot of an exchange I had over the internal email system with my coworkers recently.

My initial message:

Hey y’all. OK, so I have previously encouraged all of you to eat my food – the crackers, nuts, etc, that I leave in my drawer. That still stands. However, its not cool when someone picks through all the mixed nuts, eats everything EXCEPT the peanuts. That’s just gross. That means you have manhandled all those peanuts and left those for me to eat.


If I’m going to be considerate enough to share my food, you should be considerate enough to not manhandle the food you’re not going to eat and then leave for others.

Thanks! Darleene

No one ever owned up to the nut-picking, of course, but whatever. But I did get plenty of hilarious stories and replies in return.

Awesome… I love it. Didn’t even know you had nuts, but this was an amazing way to find out. :)

And another:

I have not picked through your nuts.As a proud gay man, I don’t believe in…oh wait, this is a human resources call waiting to happen. Ill just say….no, it wasnt me. I would never, ever manhandle your nuts.

I love my coworkers. Even when they do manhandle my nuts.