Killer Kip

I’ve had killer kitties before – I had a cat I named Casper who would bring birds, lizards, even a rabbit to our back patio door in Hacienda Heights. Plus, my mom’s cat Harout likes to play with, not kill, his mice. So I’m no stranger to kitty presents.

But Trinity is. And when he came home the other night to find odd-shaped pieces of scaled flesh lying around our living room, he was freaked out. Apparently, he found what we have determined to be a lizard tail near the kitchen, and another lizard tail near the front door. At that point, we didn’t know what it was – maybe it was another weird country insect? But the next day, when he went to put on sneakers for work, he found the rest of the body – a lizard with a brown back and green belly lying on the floor near my loafers.

Question is – how did the lizard (lizards, actually – we haven’t found the second body yet) get into the house? We lock up real tight when we’re at work, so my theory is they get in through the bottom of the front door, which is a pretty big space. I don’t worry too much about Kip, though – he’s just doing what he was born to do.

Be a guard kitty.

One thought on “Killer Kip

  1. Funny you bring this subject up Darleene,

    Our cat brought a live lizard, minus it’s tail, into our house just yesterday.

    My grandson David caught the creature, and returned it outside.

    You wouldn’t be interested in a kitten would you, we have six.

    Have a great day,

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