Presenting this year’s most hotly anticipated, must-have Christmas gift – the iKip. Get your own iKip – he’s easily plugged in to any computer via USB and plays up to 20G of meows and growls. Get your own iKip today!

Obviously, I’d be a terrible ad writer, but I couldn’t resist. Trin and I came home on a recent Sunday to find Kip somehow got his big head into the bag where Trin keeps the iPod and its cord. I’m not sure exactly how he did this, nor how he got the iPod cord around his neck and his chest. But there he is.

Of course, after every Kip antic, I have to take pictures. I couldn’t even take my sandals off yet. Above, you can see how well Kip got himself entangled into that cord. (I guess, in that sense, Kip is like me – anything worth doing is worth doing well!) The clasp keeping the cord together even stayed on.

I’m glad he didn’t choke himself. I don’t think he had the cord on for too long, thankfully – if so, I might have come home to a not very pretty sight, but that’s not something I’d like to dwell on.

Finally, after taking some 20 pictures, I gave Trin the OK to start taking off the cord.

Kip, of course, had to pull away as if we were the ones who got him tangled up in that cord.

Hey, Kippy – you know what curiosity did to the cat, right?

One thought on “iKip

  1. Darleene,

    You have come to mind this morning as our cat brought a live mouse into the house.

    Maybe the mouse was already in the house and was caught in th act of seeking out something for breakfast.

    Anyway, my two cats always bring you to mind.

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