How many bloggers does it take…

You can finish that joke on your own.

Yes, I was at the MediaBistro/ party. It was pretty cool – the biggest surprise of the night for me was seeing my old friend Magda – she and I were editors on our school paper together. We hadn’t seen each other in years – since I stopped going to Barfly in West Hollywood. Wow.
Magda came with Mark, a real cool guy who used to go out with my friend Rita. They both came from Orange County. Talk about battling traffic…

I also finally met Mike of Franklin Avenue. I have already met Maria and Evan, aka Blogger Baby, aka the pint-sized prognosticator, but for some reason hadn’t run into Mike until this party.
The crew seemed to be holding court over at Bar Lubitsch’s back table – here’s Cybele, in yellow, Will Campbell and Stephen Blackmoore grinning at the camera. My apologies, but I forgot the name of the girl in brown there.

I think I was the first one to recognize LAO‘s resident vlogger Jacob Soboroff, below on the right. Ed Padgett was also a super cool guy and said I had a nice smile. :)

Three Amigos? No, no, that’s Stephen Blackmoore on the left, David Markland in the center and Jacob Soboroff on the right.

Verdict? It was fun catching up with Magda and Mark and very cool to meet the folks behind the blogs in person. However, I was surprised at a few things – I fully expected to see Mack Reed, meet Sean Bonner and Joz (who turned out to be sick). Someone was also asking about Kate Coe, which also reminded me I would have liked to meet her, too. I was also surprised at the lack of name tags and moderately-played music, especially since I ended up yelling myself hoarse talking to so many people. Food would have been good too – not even free food, but a bar that served food that I would have paid for would have been nice.

But anyway. It was good to meet everybody.

5 thoughts on “How many bloggers does it take…

  1. Hey Darleene,
    It was good catching up with you too and thanks again for the CBS tour. Keep in touch.
    : )

  2. I was pretty bummed at not having the evening free, but that’s my life in 2007. I was in Burbank shooting HD footage for station promos until after 9:00pm.

  3. Hi Darleene,

    I really had a great time Tuesday meeting all the bloggers, sure brings back fond memories of my bulletin board days in the 80’s.

    Now that I know Magda’s name I can edit the picture of us three together.

    Stay positive,

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