How did we miss this treasure of humanity?

I am eternally grateful to AsianWeek for enlightening us to the presence of the God of the Universe among us – Kenneth Chew-Tew Eng. Did you know he is the youngest author of a science fiction novel? Good God. But you better hurry – there’s only two left in stock at Amazon!

I mean, wow, I could learn so much from this guy – for example, I could learn how to freelance for AsianWeek. All I have to do is make uniformed observations and jump to conclusions and not provide any sourcing at all. Some samples from Mr. Eng’s own blessed pen – er, keyboard:

In a city subway, a number of black students are poking fun at an Asian student. However, the Asian student does not fight back. No, he was trained by his teachers (who are also white) that non-violence is mature and that he should always try to reason with people. So he tells the black students that they are being rude. They chuckle at the top of their lungs and punch him. He then finds some cops and reports the incident to them. However, the black kids all lie to the cops and declare that he was the one who attacked first. The cops, resigned to a life of agreeing with the majority, arrest the Asian student.

Furthermore, we do live in an age where “political correctness” and anti-racism are in vogue. Why then, are there virtually no Asian heroes in the media? This is solid proof that we are enemies in the eyes of the Aryans. If even in an epoch where equality is an important matter they still do not treat us as equals, then what hope is there that they will ever treat us equally?More importantly, why should we care? We vastly outnumber them. When you have a disobedient child, you do not give him gifts to make him abide to your will. You show him the cane.

The second thing I hate about Asians is how little pride most of them have. This may be the result of societal brainwashing, but whatever the cause, it must stop. I am repulsed when I see Asian guys speak with British accents in an attempt to sound sophisticated. British people can‚Äôt be all that sophisticated if they don‚Äôt yet understand the concept of dental hygiene. I am also sickened when I hear Asian people imitate Negro slang in an endeavor to sound “ghetto.” Am I supposed to be impressed that such a person emulates the attitude of a supposed slum resident? More importantly, whatever happened to being yourself?

Oh, and let’s not forget his illuminating views about religion. The god Eng espouses on the subject thoroughly on his Amazon blog:

It sickens me that people of the 21st century still worship gods and other nonexistent entities. Such things were more understandable in the past, when humans had difficulty explaining natural phenomenon. Nowadays, everyone of average intelligence should be able to realize that religions are merely conformist constructs meant to enslave free thought through the use of rewards, punishments, peer pressure, etc.

So why the bloody drat are people still going to church? The answer is obvious — most of humanity is DUMB. I’m not talking locked-yourself-out-of-the-house dumb. I’m talking DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.

Let’s look at christianity. Christians believe that some creature called “jesus” sacrificed himself for humankind’s “sins”. They also believe that it was ethical for some guy named “moses” to be willing to kill his son just because a creature they call “god” told him to. First of all, christians have absolutely no comprehension of what it means to be ethical. They kill, steal and torture innocent atheists in the name of their bible and then pray for forgiveness from their stupid little priests. Secondly, a man who is willing to kill his own family just because someone told him to is a coward. A brave man would be willing to fight to the end for what he holds dear.

Let’s look at the muslim religion. They believe that music, dance, naked women and other such things are “indecent”. They think that some creature called “allah” will bring them peace, yadda, yadda, yadda. They think that if they bow every day, they will somehow be transported to a place called “heaven”, where everyone looks conspicuously human. I don’t know about you, but I masturbate all the time. It’s not going to affect me in any way, aside from making me need to take baths more often. And listening to O Fortuna will not make my head explode. Nor will spitting at every church I see make my intestines burst out of my abdomen.

Furthermore, most religious people I’ve met tend to be incredibly stupid/poor. They are usually black/hispanic immigrants who do not have the brains or the balls to understand science and thus resort to reading retarded stories about saviors and saints. (Oh, by the way, for those of you who want to scream at how “racist” I am for mentioning negroes and hispanics in such a way, go to someone who gives a sh*t).

And the man – er, god – is already an author for goodness sakes! Why in the world would he need to read other people’s drivel? This interview with ForeWord Magazine says it all (scroll down till you find the god of the universe):

I am reading my own books as I endlessly scribe them. I do this 24/7 no matter where I am, for I believe that most writing is done in the head. The book I am currently reading/writing is about Daemonhand Mediaeval, the skeleton warrior who aforesaid his humanity to destroy evil Black Technoknight Uther Penn Sapien and his evil Round Table. In doing so, he becomes an immortal undead warrior 100 billion years into a future when the Middle Ages are still in existence. This story is based on the philosophy that the purpose of life is not the end, but the journey itself, and that even though Death is the ultimate state of existence, it is still possible to contradict it. It’s intertwined with Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate.

And all these other writers/bloggers who are espousing hate and criticism on the god of the universe are just jealous.

Now excuse me while I go shower in bleach.

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  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing. I wouldn’t have believed it otherwise. Then again, according to Mr. Vocabulary, I’m so incredibly stupid that I probably couldn’t Google my way out of a paper bag.

    BTW, the KCBS/KCAL website ROCKS! Good work!

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