First time

I haven’t ever done this before, but I’m doing it now because it’s becoming a pissing match on my blog that I’m not even involved in – so I’ve closed the comments on this post.

There are too many anonymous comments, too many statements with no supporting links/info, too much of the “well, let me tell you about this…” going on, and its making me uncomfortable because I’ve already let the whole thing go and gone on with life and other pursuits – therefore, so should all of you. If you feel you need to continue the backbiting and name calling you’ve been doing in my comments, start your own gosh darn blog. It’s free, you know.

I also do not like the idea of my blog ever becoming the focus or target of some sort of slander/libel lawsuit, so there.


One thought on “First time

  1. Dr. Martorano and his new wife are experiencing classic symptoms of “SHAME”.

    They are both miserable and pathetic, and it appears that Dr. Martorano’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder helps to explain why he continues to try and justify his lawsuits as being legitimate despite the fact that his defeated lawsuits were derived from “baseless accusations”.

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