Cathy Seipp*

I’ve never been much of a star watcher, but there have always been people I admired – not celebrities usually, except in their own circles. That would include Cathy Seipp, who is apparently holding on by a thread after a long time battle with lung cancer.

To me, a literal baby in the journalism profession, she was everything I wanted to be – funny, succinct and able to deflect critics with no effort. I admired her so much that when I found out my ex-supervisor Jerry Lazar was her ex-husband, I got a real tinge of being touched by a celebrity – “wow, I can’t believe Cathy Seipp was once married to Jerry.” I guess Cathy made the connection just about this time last year when she sent this email to Jerry, which he forwarded to me with the message, “one word: OY!”:

You’ve got a really cool colleague–Darleene Powells. She blogged about me!

she sounds awesome. tell her i say hi.

Seriously, I got that message, and I was like “OHMIGOD! Cathy Seipp thinks I’m cool!”

I don’t know how to end this post, other than to say this. I really, really admired Cathy and I know that my world is going to be a little worse off knowing I can’t go see what funny words of wisdom she has recently posted. My best wishes and most sincere prayers to Maia and the rest of Cathy’s family.

*I edited the post a little in light of a comment that said Cathy has not passed yet. Luke Ford confirms it here at 7:40 p.m. Hang in there Cathy, we’re praying for you!

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  1. She’s not gone yet! She’s still hanging in there and got moved from the ICU. Some jerk cybersquatted her domain name, too.

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