Some background on the UCLA sex scandal

I’m a relentless researcher, which I think is why I’m a journalist. So when I saw that no one else has really been covering the case, plus the persistent traffic I’d been getting on the UCLA sex scandal, Heather V. Krell and David Martorano, I decided to look into the subject a little deeper. Oh, and here’s the latest (and late) story by UCLA’s Daily Bruin.

I first started searching Dr. Krell, and couldn’t find what most people seem to want – her picture. Sorry folks. But here’s what I did discover – she has apparently consulted on several video games (sorry, I didn’t save those links), is often an NBC/MSNBC expert (once with Keith Olbermann), and her claim to fame is treating Winona Ryder.

Oh, but that’s not the best part.

So, I struck out when it came to finding Dr. Krell’s picture. Sorry again, but every lawsuit has two sides, so I turned my search to Dr. David Martorano. Bullseye! I even did a victory dance. Turns out he has a Friendster page. Dr. Martorano says:

I have been to every “in” spot in Los Angeles, I have been to more charity benefits, premieres and openings than I care to mention, and you, that one special you, the woman I have looked for my whole life, have not been. I have looked for you on airplanes and in grocery aisles, on the beach in Malibu, in the rain forests of Brazil. I have written songs and poems for you, but you still haven’t claimed them. I am actually getting a little irritated waiting around for you, but what choice do I have? How could I live without my beautiful, brilliant soul mate at my side?

Just so you know that I am the guy you were supposed to meet…

I am a 34 year old, former opera singer, turned psychiatrist. I spend my days at the beach when I can, and have been known to do some skiing from time to time. I love travelling, but hate to pack, fly and unpack. I hope to set sail around the world soon, but not without you….

Oh, but that’s not all. He wants to meet YOU because:

Now About you …. You are probably a brunetter. You are surely a college graduate, financially secure and between the ages of 28 and 34. You love Malibu, you might not live here yet, but can easily imagine growing old here. You do live within a half-hour of Malibu. Your area code is probably 310, or 818 unless you just moved here. You are between 5’4″ and 5’9″ (I am 5’10”) and your dress size does not have two digits. You know who Don Quixote is. You have been to Europe. You currently live alone. You do not have children, but can’t wait to have two or three of our very own.

Ah, the Internets. It’s a beautiful thing.

4 thoughts on “Some background on the UCLA sex scandal

  1. Damn. I’m too short/not thin enough for him. Oh well. At least I know who Don Quixote is, have a 310 area code and have been to Europe. Oh well. I’m not much of a fan of psychiatrists or narcissists.

  2. FYI. I know Dr. Krell and have known her for many years. She is not married..was once engaged but broke it off.

  3. Dr. Martorano’ new wife proves the theory that birds of a feather flock together.They both appear to be “PATHETIC”.

    Everyone has gone on with their lives, while the Martorano’ continue to live with their shame!

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