Ice, ice baby*

When I come home, I always walk to my door with my face turned to the sky, because it amazes me how clearly I can see the stars from Agoura Hills. I did the same thing when I got home after midnight, even as I rushed to the door because my car thermometer said it was 25 degrees outside.

I rushed so quickly that I even stepped into the little puddle that’s ever-present in our driveway that I usually take care to avoid. But I didn’t just step into it. I skated! It shocked me so much that I had to go look at it more closely. Yep – the standing stream of water on my way to my door was iced over. Man.

I’ll try to get pictures tomorrow morning because there ain’t no way I’m venturing out there again tonight.

*Here are those pictures I promised.

Yes, that would be my boot right there. Basically any of the standing water outside formed ice on top. We also saw slush down the road, where cars had already driven over the icy water.