Freakin rain forecasts

What the heck, people? What the heck? Everybody said it was going to rain here Thursday and Friday. It was cloudy Thursday, threatening to rain, but look at this! Look at this! There’s not a cloud in sight!

Ugh. C’mon. You said it was going to rain, and I was looking forward to some rain. I’m not like everyone else in L.A. I can drive in rain. I can also survive running through the rain on my way to my destination – be it my car or to my building – without my melting. I’m getting a little sick of the sunshine, because – let’s be honest – before we know it, its going to be hot again and I won’t be able to wear warm clothing anymore.

(I really like wearing warm clothing. But not enough to move somewhere like, say, Denver. Yikes. I don’t even have the proper clothing to be in Denver.)

Anyway, here’s the Kip in his new favorite spot – Trinity’s old comforter on the futon in our office. I think he likes it because it gives him a perfect vantage point – he can keep an eye on me while I’m in the office, while keeping an eye on the hallway. He’s like a Watch Kitty.

One thought on “Freakin rain forecasts

  1. I too enjoy the occasional downpour, and I’m pleased to say we had thirty minutes of rain on Friday morning in San Dimas, and then it all blew away to the east. Ninety minutes later my daughter called from Rancho Cucamonga, telling me it’s snowing dad.

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