Calling all lurkers

I was reading after my much deserved weekend (Sunday and Monday) when I saw this post and was inspired. I want to know who the heck is lurking on my blog.

So, if you would please answer me these questions, that would be fabulous:

  • Who are you, (approximately) where do you live and what do you usually do?
  • Do I know you in person? How?
  • How’d you get here?
  • Why do you stick around?
  • What’s your favorite topic I blog about?

Can’t wait to read your comments!

Image from Paper Napkin

One thought on “Calling all lurkers

  1. 1. I’m Edward Padgett from San Dimas, and I usually blog or read blogs.

    2. We do not know one another.

    3. Read about you on Blogging LA, your comment.

    4. Gather information on improving my blog from others.

    5. I’ll have to read Darleenisms a bit more often to have an opinion of what subject I enjoy the most.

    Stay warm and dry today if you can.

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