2007 year in preview

I was super busy and exhausted each night after work last week and so could not do any “year in reviews” as so many blogs do nowadays. (It also seems to me to be a very newspaper-ish ritual that some bloggers who still work in mainstream media stick to. But it seems that that’s what putting a Google bar on your blog is for.) I did go through my own blog back several years on my own, and all I can say is — man, my former editors treated me like a toilet. I am so glad that I have moved on.

Anyway, I’m not sure what’s ahead this year. I know I have two weddings to go to this year and I hope to go to AAJA’s convention in Miami so I can party with my friend Belinda aka Bevil again. And, sorry guys, I am still not planning to get pregnant, but if it were to happen (again, hopefully not yet) I think Trinity and I are as prepared as can be — although not quite ready. Have I mentioned I’m not planning to get pregnant anytime soon?

Neither Trinity nor I plan to change jobs anytime soon — woohoo! It is nice to not have to be searching for a job while working, you know? It’s so exhausting. We also don’t plan on moving or buying anymore cars — doh! I do contemplate changes to this site, though – the design and the organization. I also plan to actually make some of my digital life tangible. It turns out that while I have tons of digital photos of Trinity, I hardly have any of him or any of my recent ones printed out as actual photographs that I could put in frames. Huh.

It would be nice to actually do some traveling – like visiting the east coast, making our way up north, and maybe even start planning another trip to the islands. Maybe the Hawaiian ones, but I heard rumblings about the Philippine ones too.

I don’t worry too much though. In my experience, every year has gotten better than the last. Happy New Year!

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