TV news breaks its silence!

My faith has been restored. TV News – at least CBS2/KCAL9 and ABC7 – have finally begun covering the Long Beach Halloween attack. My station even sent Dave Lopez! Thank God – I was wondering if I was going to have to find a new job (just kidding!).

Of course, NBC4 seems to still think the latest big news in Long Beach is a sex predator at Cal State Long Beach.

One thought on “TV news breaks its silence!

  1. Darleene, I like your blog. I’m a former journalist, and I’ve been puzzled by the L.A. Times coverage of the Long Beach attack. They were late to the story, and have been way underplaying it ever since. This seems to be a case study in what happens when an event happens outside of their politically correct comfort zone… they just don’t know how to deal.

    Do they think it’ll offend black people if they aggressively cover this story? If so, I’m offended by the presumption. So far the only print commentators who’ve mentioned the attack — Earl Ofari Hutchison and a columnist for a Mississippi paper — are black, and they both condemned it… and all black-on-white hate crimes.

    Anyway, you take it easy. And good wishes for your career in the media.

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