The latest in Long Beach

Joe Mack at National Vanguard says he knows those women who were attacked in Long Beach — and so do you. In fact, you could be just like them.

At my work, we recount a victim’s testimony and let the suspects’ families talk about why their teens should be free on bail.

At Poynter, David Mills criticizes the LAT for not owning the story (although the LB Press-Telegram has done an admirable job. It’s especially admirable, since I’ve heard the reporter is standing strong against some threats. I don’t know of the extent of the threats, though.) He expands on his criticism at Fishbowl LA.

A post by Cathy Seipp comparing the incident and Michael Richards’ word vomit draws 209 comments (at least, last time I checked.)

And honestly? It’s a little sad that a Google search on the Long Beach attacks brings up my site first. Really.