Scaredy cat Christmas

Merry Christmas! I’m a little past deadline, but I hope you’ll forgive me. As my Christmas gift, here’s a few pictures of Kip over the past couple of days. Above, Kip was thoroughly alarmed that workmen were for some reason wandering in our front door with these huge cardboard boxes. The boxes contained our new dinette set and futon. And yes, if the picture looks odd, I did Photoshop most of me out of the picture. Hey, its my blog and I’ll do what I gotta do.

Yes, thoroughly alarmed. Look how huge his eyes got. I had to hold him down. We’ve learned (from our experience with the cable guy) that Kip does not like people armed with power tools or tool belts. Uh uh. Otherwise, he loves people, and if you come over to visit his house (not my house, or Trinity’s house, it’s Kip’s house) he’ll be investigating your bag for whatever he can bat around.

Kip was so thoroughly alarmed that he sought refuge in the bathroom sink. Yes. The bathroom sink. Kip is such a big ball of fur, I was surprised he even fit in the sink. But there he was…in the sink…where a quick turn could introduce a yowling, wet white cat to the furniture delivery guys. But no. Look at that face! He was obviously traumatized by the…power tools.

Kip on Christmas night. He was so tired of all the shopping, you know… Ya like that Cuteoverload-ish closeup of his tail? Nice, huh?

Merry Christmas from Kip, Trinity and I!