My 4th Filipino gift to you

Friends don’t let friends buy anything but Philippine-brand Dried Mangoes

When Trinity and I moved to Agoura Hills, we made a pleasant discovery at our local Westlake Village Costco – they sell Philippine-brand dried mangoes! (I always used to buy them at Arko Market in Glendale, but there is no Filipino markets within a 20 minute drive from Agoura Hills.) Philippine-brand dried mangoes were not sold at our previous Costco in Alhambra, which didn’t sell seafood either. But maybe that’s because the Alhambra Costco is so close to all the Asian food stores — which sell both the mangoes and the seafood on the cheap — in the San Gabriel Valley.

I love dried mangoes, so before we made the discovery at the Westlake Village Costco, I made the mistake of buying two bags (!) of Sunsweet dried mangoes. Big mistake! Unfortunately, the Sunsweet brand was anything but – they were dry and tasteless. I even took them to work, thinking some of the health nuts at work (who shall remain unnamed) might adopt the bag, but no go – I had to throw them out myself.

So, a word to the wise – always look for the Philippine-brand dried mangoes, which are always sweet, moist and addictive. And, according to the bag, they’re also fat free and high in vitamin C. Sweet!