Honey? The Secret Service is on the phone for you…?

I can’t even imagine what Trin’s face would look like if the Secret Service called me at home. Luckily, this Calabasas lady got a call that had less to do with presidential security and more to do with – um, presidential hygiene? Whatever:

It turned out that when the Secret Service phoned Lesa Glucroft, they were calling about hand lotion.

Officials wanted to know if the Calabasas businesswoman was interested in sticking the U.S. presidential seal on her lotions and powders and selling them as “America’s Legacy” at the White House gift shop.


Glucroft’s six-year licensing agreement calls for her to turn over 15% of each sale to the Secret Service fund. The toiletry line, which she has dubbed 1600 for Men in a nod to the White House’s 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. address, includes 18 items. They range from $10.95 bars of soap to a $29.95 shaving lotion gift set.

The 39-year-old launched her skin care business, Tulip Boutique Inc., five years ago after losing her job as an entertainment attorney in the post-9/11 recession. Her husband, Rob, quit his job as a catering and events planner and is her business partner.

The Secret Service’s licensing agent learned of Glucroft’s business in a community newspaper, the Valley Vantage. The story noted that Glucroft had been named Emerging Woman Business Owner of the Year by the National Assn. of Women Business Owners of Ventura County and was being honored at a May 2005 ceremony at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library near Simi Valley.

Danny Simon, whose Los Angeles-based Licensing Group Ltd. represents the Secret Service fund, said Glucroft’s products are the first of several lines planned. Another will be called Homeland Preservation and feature a homeland security theme.

I gotta find me some of this lotion, man. I mean, if its presidential lotion, it better be good.

Photo by Bryan Chan/LAT