Bikers bogarting the 101

One of the nice things about working the night shift is having the 101 freeway mostly free and clear. I can’t fathom how most of SoCal drives to work in heavy traffic, then drives home in heavy traffic every single day. That would drive me bananas. Anyway, tonight my drive was flummoxed by these bikers, unfortunately. They’re the scattering of red lights in front of all the cars in the above picture. I watched the lot of them, at least 40 or 50 of them, get on the freeway from Argyle in Hollywood. Every car that got on the freeway after them had to deal with them spreading out across all five or six lanes.

I’m somewhat of a lead foot (and a bit of a nut, taking pictures while driving – at night! Don’t tell Trinity), so I was kind of irritated that they were riding in the equivalent of a splayed out man who decides the bed is all for him – in spite of his wife being there too. Anyway, the 101 seems to be a magnet for these sport bikers. I remember about a month ago, while driving to work, a biker going north (I was going south) did a wheelie as traffic rushed along. I did a double take and thought, man that dude is nuts.

Eventually, I managed to get past them, driving in the wake of a big white truck that would not be denied the open road in front of a lone biker in the left lane. I could swear that these were the same bikers that got into a minor accident a couple of weeks ago that shut down the onramp to the 405. Hey bikers, if you’re going to get on the freeway 50 strong, at least do us a favor and open up a few lanes for the cars that are trying not to hit you.