5 Filipino gifts for Christmas

I’m not on a Filipino kick, I swear, even though my buddy Moonie just did a Filipino-personality round up of 2006. But, inspired by my recent assignment to ask people about the 12 days of Christmas, I decided to share 5 Filipino gifts with the world for Christmas. They’re not all going to be gifts you like, but they are definitely — in my opinion — things you should know. So, with some help from my dope Filipino friends, here is the first gift:

Use Filipino, not Philipino (or Philippino)

For your sake, not ours, when you’re emailing or IM’ing with someone, don’t say something stupid like, “I could really go for some Philippino food.” Auuuugggghhhck! My first urge upon seeing something like that is to say, “you must be married to a mail-order bride.” When you do a Google search for Philipino, you get results like these – Filipina singles, Asian single girls, Filipino dating. Eckkkk. Get away, get away! Do a Google search for Filipino and you get more legitimate, less-creepy results – a Filipino consulate, the Filipino Wikipedia entry (which notes, hallelujah, that “Philipino” is a mispelling), a Filipino newspaper. Of course, there’s still the Filipino dating site in the sponsored results, but that’s sponsored results – whatever.

I also asked the question of some of my Internet-savvy, professional Filipino friends. Here’s Moonie again:

It’s also a litmus test. It shows me that a person gets it. Whenever I see a “journalist” or “writer” use Philippino, it’s like… you dumb f*ck. You sheltered *ss. You ethnocentric f*ck nut. It shows people that really didn’t take the time to do the basic crash course on our culture. If I had to learn about the culture of Mexico, black America, and everyone else, I think it’s only fair that people learn the basic sh*t about my culture. Cultural sensitivity goes both ways, Steve Harvey.

I also asked my girl Sam. She was less vehement, but still her usual articulate self. (Funny tidbit about Sam – when I first met her, I thought she was Japanese from London – it seemed like there could be no way she was a Filipino girl who spent her teen years in West Covina, she was so articulate. Heh.)

Pilipino if you want to go by Tagalog phonetics, Filipino if you’re Anglicizing it. Philippino is someone with too much time in their hands – are they saying the group is entirely little King Phillips of Spain?

So. You may have come here by way of those keywords above, or you may have come here looking for a Filipino date. Whatever your purpose in finding this, just take this one thing away – use Filipino (or Pilipino) NOT Philipino or Philippino. For all our sakes.

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