Winter must dos

Well, its not quite winter the way it is in other parts of the country – the forecast tonight has temps at more than 90 degrees for the San Fernando Valley later today – but I still have a list of things I absolutely want to do before the winter ends this year.

Skating – both with my rollerblades at the beach and ice skating. Normally, I’d want to do it at Pershing Square, but this year, I figure I should get to know my new ‘hood. My options include the outdoor rink at the Thousand Oaks Lakes Mall that just reopened recently and the Iceland Ice Skating Center, which claims to be the only rink in California offering bumper cars on ice! Dude!

Light Festival – The DWP Light Festival opens Wednesday, and considering that folks are going to be super busy getting ready for Thanksgiving Wednesday, that might very well be the best night to go check it out. I always hear so much about this and haven’t been yet, so dagnabit, I’m going!

Art – I definitely plan to go to the Getty Center and Getty Villa again, especially since everyone else is so focused on the Observatory right now. The exhibit I most want to see right now? The Holy Image, Hallowed Ground exhibit, featuring artifacts from Mount Sinai. It got a nice review in the LAT, but its not like the review pushed me into wanting to go. I already wanted to go. The only kink is that the Getty Center is not open Mondays (and neither is the Apple Pan!), so I’m going to have to work that out.