Save the cheerleader already!

All right, I admit it! I admit it.

I’m hooked on Heroes. I’ve scoured all the wikis. I’ve been lurking on the forums at 9thWonders (the design of which I love). I’ve read all the Graphic Novels. I still can’t get enough!

I mean, dude! They only just introduced Micah’s dad and haven’t given us more on him. They just introduced Micah‘s power! And dammit! How are the Japanese guys, the nurse and the artist ever going to find the cheerleader!

They just need to have a two-hour show, dammit. And even then, I’m not sure that will be enough!

One thought on “Save the cheerleader already!

  1. Good for you. I think the world needs more heroic role models. I wouldn’t underestimate the damage that a constant barrage of negative images has had on our culture.

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