L.A. serial killer gets CSI and 48 Hours treatment*

Via MediaBistro, I found this Broadcasting&Cable article about a weirdly juxtapositioned set of shows this weekend. Apparently, 48 Hours will be featuring L.A. serial killer William Bradford, then CSI:Miami will infuse its storyline with – you guessed it, a killer photographer.

It had turned out that the real life sister of CSI: Miami actress Eva LaRue (the former federal criminalist who turned out to be a mole, for those of you who follow the show) happened to be one of the models in the missing women poster – #3, in fact. Good news is, LaRue’s sister Nika is still alive.

Now, both women will be a part of both shows this Sunday. LaRue will be part of the 48 Hours story, and her sister Nika will be a guest star on CSI:Miami.

Something bothers me about all this – something about opportunism, but I’m still scratching my head on this one.

*My mistake. Here in L.A., 48 Hours aired last night (Saturday) and CSI:Miami will air Monday, as usual.