Kip, as requested

Rounding out my trifecta of animal-related posts, I just wanted to mention that Kip apparently has more fans than I do. I got a request last week for more photos of Kip, and other friends have been asking how he’s settling in, so I decided to post a new batch of photos of him in the new place. This here is his favorite spot – I didn’t intentionally put my filing cabinet there for his pleasure, but there it is. We leave the window open for him when we’re home, so he can watch the dogs, birds and bees go by.

Yeah, and he’s still bad. Trin still calls him “rat.”

He’s actually quite spoiled, so I don’t know what y’all are worried about.

Funniest thing he’s done yet? Get stuck behind the washer and dryer. He kept climbing over the boxes that we put in between it and the wall, so now, when he does that, we just turn on the dryer (which is up top). Oh, the yowling – I don’t think he’ll do that again.

Yeah, I think he’s settled in quite nicely.

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