Adventures in rollerblading

Oh, my rollerblades. They’ve rolled me into places and situations that were – let’s say, unexpected. In the past, I’ve been a beach bunny on rollerblades and I’ve used it as a way to hightail it to the train station. I’ve also fallen spectacularly – skinned half my knee off through jeans while rushing on Fullerton’s Godforsaken streets to the train station and have had to nurse my bloody knee through my tattered jeans on the train, while sweating like a pig.

Today, it brought me to Old Agoura Park, where I met Johnny Gray. I had just finished trying to skate up Colodny Drive (in an attempt to get up to Fairview Place and then back down Chesebro Road), but had to stop at Balkins Drive. So yeah – I was sucking air. Johnny walked up to me and began chatting with me about my rollerblades.

I had seen him at the park the other day and had figured he was some sort of trainer for the two Flo Jo-like women who had flown past me while I was walking. I was right – he told me he was a former Olympic runner who was training these two women for the Olympics.

What struck me, however, about the conversation, was his comments about what the rollerblading could do to shape his legs. I had looked down at mine and said, well? They don’t really do much for mine. He said, no, no, they do – you’ve got thick legs, but I can see the cuts in them.

Um. OK.

Well? It was nice to meet someone black who lives in the area (he used to live in Agoura Hills, but now lives in Westlake Village). I, um, just am not sure how to take that comment.

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