A day at the beach

More like an hour, actually. It was really bloody hot yesterday, and our place has south facing windows, so we are in blazing sunshine all day long. So I told Trinity that it was too hot to stay home, and let’s go to the beach – we did say we wanted to explore the area a little. To my surprise, he agreed – he’s really not a beach kind of guy.

We ended up taking Las Virgenes Road into Malibu. Las Virgenes, before it hits Mulholland, actually turns into a scenic drive – who knew! I didn’t (before taking the road for a friend’s party recently). Anyway, it was beautiful – who knew there was such mountains, canyons and hills around Los Angeles. Sheesh.

Zuma Beach on a Monday was idyllic. But for a few joggers and sunbathers, Trin and I had the beach pretty much to ourselves. I spent most of my time trying to take pictures of the fast-moving birds, the waves and the scenery. I also splashed Trin a couple of times; c’mon, how could I not?

And yes, I took a photo of my feet. Dude, its November! And I was at the beach! And it wasn’t freezing! Heheh.

After hanging out on the beach for about an hour, we drove home and was back in Agoura Hills within 20 minutes. But we didn’t go straight home – first we went for a smoothie (for Trin) and a Cappucino Blast (for me) at Baskin Robbins.

Mondays off rocks. And to see more photos of our drive, check out my (new) Flickr stream.