For those who have been reading my musings, which eventually have evolved into this blog, for the past eight years (almost nine!), you already know where I stand, politically. I even read Patterico and Michelle Malkin from time to time! Oooh!

So I (along with at least two other coworkers on the web team) have been less than thrilled with the lefty ads that have been playing on the video player I love so much. Both Trin and I are more socially conservative, rather than politically conservative, but either way, we’re just totally unwelcome here in Los Angeles and in most newsrooms. Its simply sad that the only strategy in the arsenal of the California Democratic party (which has paid an unknown amount of money to slap that little logo on my beloved video player, *sigh) to pump up their gubernatorial candidate against the current governor (and, incidentally, we didn’t vote for him because we thought the whole recall election was a joke and a waste), is to try to associate him with the president, whose approval rating is low.

And if you’re concerned about my bias, my conservative leanings apparently can’t be seen in the headlines I write or the pictures I pick. Even Karl, my longtime reader, excoriated a past headline of mine in a forum as “typically mainstream media.” Or something like that.

In another work-related observation, even as I’ve managed to escape the Tribune Company and its evil tentacles, I can’t seem to shake the folks I’ve met through the Glendale News-Press. Not that I’d want to. Anyway, I keep seeing Sandy Fink, who was the Glendale Teachers Association‘s president and a frequent source while I was the GNP’s education reporter, on TV campaign ads criticizing the governor.

She’s not the only one, though. Because I watch literally at least 10 news shows a day (our station has a lot of freakin shows), from time to time I’ll see former reporting colleagues in whatever happens to be the hot story of the day. While everyone else was more concerned with the Mayor Villaraigosa/LAUSD issue, I sat up and took notice when I caught a glimpse of this young lady, sitting in the middle wearing the turquoise sweater vest (I think). Who is she? I’m pretty sure she’s Naush Boghossian, who used to cover Glendale and Burbank for the Daily News, but now covers LAUSD.

*I edited out a tidbit because I saw this blog post via MediaBistro’s daily email digest. I ain’t tryin to get fired, y’all!