When Elmo goes bad

I love this screen shot. I love how the guy holding Elmo looks so stern, and I love how guy in the brown jacket behind him seems to be smirking, like “I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

I’ve already come up with a few of my own captions.

“Here is your Elmo. Here is your Elmo on drugs. Any questions?”

“Spill it! Where did Bert and Ernie hide the drugs?? Once I walk out that door, my hands are tied and I can’t help you anymore.”

(Brown-jacket guy) “Dude, I wonder if he knows Elmo isn’t the evil one.”

OK, so my captions aren’t as clever as I think yours might be. So here’s the deal – give me what you think the caption should be (and try to do it first without watching the video) and I’ll give the best commenter the next free set of tickets I get from work. Or, if you’re from out of town, tell me what you want as a prize and I’ll think about it.

Let the captions begin!

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