Tips for driving with the deer

I’m not in the city anymore, am I?

I was thumbing through my local weekly paper, the Acorn, when I found this article. It’s awesome. I must share:

  • Scan a wide swath of the roadside. Slow down when approaching a deer standing near the side of a road and be prepared. If startled, deer can bolt onto the roadway and into the path of a car. Honk the horn and flash the lights to try to scare it away.
  • Be alert for more deer than visible at the moment. Where there is one deer, there are often more nearby.
  • In many instances, it is best not to swerve around the deer since it may move in the same direction, or there may be oncoming cars or dangerous shoulders. It is best to brake and continue slowly in the same lane of traffic.
  • Be careful at dawn and dusk and when driving over hills or around curves where visibility is limited. Using high beams provides a greater area of visibility and a better reflection from the deer’s eyes.
  • Deer whistles or ultrasonic deer avoidance systems attached to vehicles have never been proven to work and may give drivers a false sense of security.
  • Take deer crossing signs seriously, particularly those installed specifically for this time of year. Be cautious in wooded and agricultural areas where there is little distance between the road and the woods.

I never even realized there were such things as deer whistles or deer avoidance systems. Man, you learn something new everyday.