Personality-revealing questions

I’ve alluded to a politics project I’d been working on for work, but I didn’t want to expand on it until it was finally up and running. Well, I can finally talk about it – CBS2/KCAL9’s comprehensive Voter Guide is now live.

Its a lot like the Smart Voter site run by the League of Women Voters, with one difference – we have San Bernardino County race information. Oh, and the other difference is that while the League of Women Voters had at least 3 or 4 volunteers gathering information for each county, my site had me and my supervisor Erik. But mostly me. I even drove down to OC’s Registrar of Voters one day (at rush hour) to buy a CD of their final candidate list with email and snail mail addresses. Argh.

Anyway, my favorite part of the whole process was the questions. For each race, we asked your standard, open-ended political questions like “Describe some of the goals you plan to pursue if you are elected” and “What are the biggest challenges facing students now?” (for school and college districts). But we decided to ask offbeat, fun questions of each race, sort of like a personality question. Here they are:

  • Statewide races: What is your favorite fun Web site?
  • U.S. Reps: What movie do you love to watch, but are embarrassed to admit to?
  • State Senator: What animal do you think you are most like and why?
  • Assembly: What is your favorite blog and why?
  • Board of Equalization: Name a death-defying activity you’ve done and why you did it.
  • County races: What feature do you need most on your cell phone? Why?
  • City Council/Town Council: What is your hidden talent?
  • Mayor/Clerk/Treasurer/Attorney: Which do you prefer more: Starbucks or Coffee Bean? Why?
  • Community College: What is your favorite ethnic food?
  • School Districts: Describe the personality of your pet.
  • Water/Irrigation Districts: Do you prefer hand-written or computer printouts? Why?
  • Health/Hospital District: What’s the longest you’ve ever sat on a freeway?
  • Community Service District: Do you match your underwear to your attire?
  • Utilities/Sanitary District: What kind of car do you dream of owning?

Unfortunately, many of the candidates have not really gotten the offbeat questions. Either they think its mis-keyed, its a joke (it kind of is), refuse to answer or take it too seriously (like one candidate who said that she doesn’t visit any fun Web sites because the Internet is not supposed to be fun). Oy.

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