Never too early for Christmas

Is it just me, or does retail Christmas get earlier and earlier? First it was the whole slew of Christmas cards, gift wrapping and gift baskets at Costco yesterday. Tonight, as I made my way home from work, I saw this – the Capitol Records building has its Christmas lights up already and its not even Oct. 20!

Now, the Capitol Records building is on my way home now (the picture, fyi, was taken on Argyle, which is on an incline, so no – I was not tipsy as I took this picture), so I know these lights either went up or were lit up sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday. But do we really need to remind ourselves that Christmas is coming already? I already feel like this year has flown by. For goodness sakes, soon we’ll be buying Christmas presents with our back-to-school supplies (ahem, for those who have school-aged children). Crikey.

One thought on “Never too early for Christmas

  1. Hey Darleene! Just linked this post to my post back at Franklin Avenue… and I also called Capitol to get the straight dope. You’ll be relived: It was indeed for a movie. The lights are coming back down this week.

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