My juvenile love for The Baby-sitters Club comes in handy

Is it odd that the only time I can make it to Trivia Bowl is when its held at KABC‘s studios? Note, this is one of the rare occasions a rival station will make its way onto my blog. But its for a special occasion – the KABC studios were the site of this year’s AAJA-LA Trivia Bowl. Oh, and this was not just any other Trivia Bowl – it was the Trivia Bowl at the end of a $2-million endowment campaign, so it brought out the big wigs – AAJA‘s National President Esther Wu and UNITY President Mae Cheng. Plus, there was teams from San Diego and Washington DC, so this particular Trivia Bowl was a big deal.

My station fielded two teams, but we got some trivia right at the beginning of the competition – no group with more than 1 team has ever won the grand prize – the Rice Bowl Trophy – and the only broadcast team to win the trophy was, shamefully, NBC4. Hey, at least my station was never at the receiving end of the case of Ramen, the prize awarded to the team with the least points of the night – that honor has gone to KTLA a record four times, the only Trivia Bowl team to ever take it home more than once. According to Joz, who was on the KTLA team, the one goal they had this year was to not take home that honor again. Incidentally, City News Service got the Ramen with an amazing 12 out of 100 points, but I think they left early.

The trivia was harder than I imagined it would be. (I’d been to Trivia Bowl before, but not as a player.) I think the more difficult part was the way each of the questions were phrased – they would start one way, then the question would be a completely different tangent. The questions where I seemed to shine? I knew that it was Huntington Beach and Santa Cruz vying for the title of Surf City USA; I guessed that it was the modern bra that had been patented in 1914 and revolutionized the way women wear clothes; and I snorted aloud with glee when they asked what Claudia Kishi had co-founded in a juvenile book series – The Baby-sitters Club!

All in all it was a fun night. Some choice quotes that are paraphrased since its a day later:

Tamlyn Tomita: “Ohh, David, he just reads the teleprompter. He always needs help from the woman because he likes to be the pretty one.”

Tamlyn Tomita: (While David Ono auctions off a lunch at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos with Tamlyn Tomita) “I’m a cheap date!”
David Ono: “I know, Tamlyn, but this time try eating first.”

In the end, the LAT’s III team got 4th place with 67 points; the 2005 Rice Cup winner Asian Pacific American Legal Center got 3rd place with 67 points; NBC4 got 2nd place with 68 points and the winner, for a three-peat – the Japanese American Bar Association. Damn lawyers. And how did CBS2/KCAL9’s teams do? Argh. Team I got 50 points and Team II got 45. Go team!

Here’s the flickr stream for a few funny pictures.

2 thoughts on “My juvenile love for The Baby-sitters Club comes in handy

  1. The Babysitter Club books..I think I would read one a day back then…now I have a trivia question for you: Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are twins from what series? (minus the horrible TV show later in the years)…love your site Darleene..I read your blogs about once a week. Take care and love the pics of your new home…Elana

  2. pshaw! Sweet Valley High!

    I was such a dork when I was a kid. For punishment, my mom used to take away all our books in a trash bag and hide it. *chagrin*

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