Leaving Los Angeles

Well, I haven’t really left Los Angeles. I’m just no longer a Los Angeles resident. But then again, its a little like I never really lived like an Angeleno – my neighborhood was surrounded by trees and open hillsides and folks thought nothing of walking or jogging past 10 p.m.

I loved the building I lived in, up to a couple of months ago. It wasn’t only because I had such an awesome landlord, but it was because I lived in a relatively well-maintained and lush landscape. I mean, there’s no beating a new-ish building that has tree flowers blooming in September/October.

One thing I had really come to love about Monterey Hills (where we moved from) was my commute. It was very L.A. – when I began working at CBS/KCAL, I actually used the Hollywood freeway everyday and got off the freeway on Sunset Blvd., just like in the movies. But that wasn’t my favorite part of my commute. My everyday commute Even though you see it framed for just a second between the hills on either side of the 110, the view of the L.A. skyline from that spot is just spectacular at night – and I’ll no longer get to see it since I don’t live along the 110 anymore. :(took me to the best view of L.A.’s skyline – on the 110 South right after passing Chavez ravine. (And yes, I was reprimanded for taking pictures while driving. *sigh*)

Even Kip had to get into the act a little. We all know about Kip’s preoccupation with tape, yes? Well, moving was like Disneyland came to Kip – he had a blast chewing on boxes, licking tape and jumping into whatever we were packing. But he’s been totally confused, too. You should have seen him when we finally got everything moved out. He looked alarmed that these odiferous men were taking all his furniture and then looked immensely relieved to see us return (we had left him at the old place while getting the new place reasonably organized before bringing him home. Plus it wouldn’t be good to have him darting around while putting down couches and other such things.)